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I'm building Chatsie for my mother. It isn't fair that older people are being forgotten when technical products are designed.



My grandma is suspicious of phones, but she loves her family. Can we find a way to connect us all in a way that works for her?



So much technology these days would have huge impacts on people's lives, if only they were designed with all users in mind. I'm hoping we can fix that.


Building Chatsie has been rewarding in so many ways. In particular,  how much people enjoy seeing a product they can intuitively use.


Building people’s confidence in using technology is at the heart of our process. It’s really exciting to see Chatsie’s impact on bringing people closer to their families and communities.

Our Story

Chatsie’s Founder, George, observed his mother struggling with an iPhone and he realised that none of the popular smartphones are specifically designed for senior citizens. This has pretty serious consequences, where older people are simply forgotten about.

So much of modern communication is digital. Even services like banking are now app based. If we don't design products specifically with older people in mind, they won't be able to participate in society properly, nor stay independent with the dignity they deserve.

Our mission is to ensure older people are not left behind. To make sure they’re connected, engaged, and included in modern society. Chatsie phones are designed to simplify the digital experience - to give confidence to senior citizens and their families.

Our Culture

We have a very special culture underpinned by five core values.


We go above and beyond to help our customers and teammates when they’re in need.


We do what we say we’re going to do, no ifs, no buts.


We are fair in how we play, courageous in our vision, and we push ourselves to our very best for our teammates.


We never hide mishaps - they are the best learning opportunities.


Simple, direct, prompt communication shows we value and respect our customers & colleagues.


We’re not currently hiring but if Chatsie resonates with you and you’d like to be considered for future positions, please email us at